Teran Services, Inc. is a family owned company big enough to handle your large painting projects and small enough to care about the details.

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       "Met all our expectations - would MOST definitely call you again."
         - Mrs. L. Pincus, Mamaroneck NY


Project Management Details

Teran Services, Inc. will treat your home the way we treat ours.

When we meet with you for the first time we will review your project in detail asking many questions to ensure we understand exactly what you would like done and to what level of quality. Every customer has specific budget requirements and final appearance requirements. We can spend one day or over one week in one room based on the level of workmanship you desire.

What can you expect when we arrive? A team that shows up daily until the project is completed.

The following are the typical steps we follow when working on a painting project (steps may vary based on project details provided during our meeting):

Preparation & Painting Steps
  Move items out of the direct path of the painting project area.
  Apply cleaning agent and power wash (exterior only).
  Protect non-painting project areas with drop cloths and plastic. Furniture is covered with plastic first and then drop cloths. Doorways leading to other rooms are sealed with plastic to minimize dust travel.
  Remove hardware from walls to ensure thorough paint application.
  Scrape and sand surfaces by appropriate method (machine, hand, wire brush) to eliminate dirt, peeling paint and old layers of paint (if bare wood requested) to maximize the final result.
  Remove failing caulk, plaster, putty and glaze and replace as necessary. Insert loose nails/screws.
  Prime bare wood, bare metal, stained surfaces and surfaces changing color to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  Sand surfaces are sanded between coats.
  Paint is applied in two coats unless the customer requests that one coat be applied.
  The job site is cleaned of all materials, debris and tools at the end of each workday. Work dust is vacuumed daily (HEPA vacuum available).
  Discuss progress daily and ask/answer questions as required.
  Items are returned to their general location when project completed.




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