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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to have a licensed contractor?

A contractor that is licensed has been checked by the Department of Consumer Protection for proper insurance, criminal record and lawsuite issues. If the contractor is not licensed you are taking a risk that he/she is a criminal and/or does not have insurance. See the results of the Department of Consumer Affairs Enforcement Check.

How do I know if a contractor is licensed as required by law?

In Westchester check online using the search engine supplied on the Westchester County Consumer Protection website.

In Connecticut check online using the search engine supplied on the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection website.

How do I know if a contractor is Lead Safe Certified as required by law?

Perform a search online using the search engine supplied by the EPA.

Is the contractor you are considering committed to acting ethically and resolving issues that may arrise? Are there any open issues against them?

Check online using the search engine supplied on the Better Business Bureau website.

What drives the cost of painting my house (interior or exterior)?

Most people account for paint, rollers and brushes but do not think about the other expenses involved when doing the job properly. For proper preparation: sand paper, scraping blades, caulk, putty, glaze, compound, plaster, tape, dry wall, wood, nails/screws, gas for power washers, plastic, cleaning agents, thinner, primer. The use of equipment is also a factor: ladders (exterior & interior), arrowscaffolding, sanding machines, spatulas, screw drivers, lamps, power washer, drop clothes, mesh, vehicles. As well as hidden costs such as licensing fees, insurance, marketing, uniforms and daily operations. Quality paint like Benjamin Moore can be expensive but it is worth it in lasting power. Using an inferior product will result in the paint failing faster.

What is the best time of year to paint?

Ideally in the spring or fall but any day above 45 degrees and below 90 degrees are acceptable.

Is primer required prior to painting?

Primer should be applied to any surface that has never been painted or where paint has failed. If an area has multiple spots with failing paint primer should be used on the entire area.

How important is surface preparation?

Extremely important. If the surface is not prepared properly the paint will fail quickly. The bulk of the time spent on any painting project is in preparation. Anyone can throw paint on the wall - it is the preparation that makes all the difference in how it will appear in the end.

What is the difference in painting results between the average home painter and the professional painter?

A professional does the following:

  • eliminates or greatly improves surface imperfections
  • takes the time to fill in all nail holes and fill gaps between trim and walls
  • has clean lines where two colors meet
  • no paint drips

What should be done about mildew/mold on the exterior of my house?

A cleaning agent should be applied and the house should be power washed. If the mildew/mold is painted over without eliminating it first it will re-appear on the surface.

Should my house exterior be power washed prior to painting?




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